Refinishing A Door
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About Us

Stain Glass Repair 
We repair any stain glass and many more. Cracked or chipped glass we can repair and help save you money .Why buy a whole new panel ,when you can save and just repair those few pieces . We will match the glass a repair in no time . Don't forget the lead pieces we can repair also in no time . Give us a Call Today , Let Us Help You .!
Stain Glass Repair 
​These are some examples of the glasses we have repaired . 
 Don't go and spend thousands ,let us help you save money today.!!
    It takes us about 20 mins to an hour depending.
                         Are You Interested ?
 1.) Send in a couple photos of glass 
 2.) Lets us make sure we have your type of glass, if we place order for you, it will take 2 days before having it is stock.
3.) Lets get you in our schedule 

                         Call Us Today !!!!